CDL Practice Tests

Our free CDL practice tests are designed to help you study for your commercial driver's license. First, study the CDL manual, and then take the practice tests! Getting a high paying truck driving job begins with earning your Commercial Driver’s License.

List of CDL Practice Tests

The CDL general knowledge test is a mandatory test all truck drivers must take.

  • CDL General Knowledge Test - The general knowledge CDL test is mandatory for truck drivers and covers all the basics found in the CDL manual.

These tests cover different types of CDL endorsements, needed to specialize in a particular type of truck driving. 

  • Air Brakes Endorsement Test - Test your understanding of the rules and regulations you'll need to know in order to earn your CDL air brakes endorsement (L).
  • HAZMAT Endorsement Test - This practice test covers the rules of operating a hazardous materials vehicle. To operate a HAZMAT truck you need to earn the H or X endorsement.
  • Tanker Endorsement Test - To drive a tanker truck you need to earn your CDL N endorsement, take this practice test to see what you know.
  • Doubles & Triples Endorsement Test - Operation of a double or triple tractor trailer requires the doubles and triples CDL endorsement.
  • Combination Vehicles Endorsement Test - Test your knowledge of the rules and regulations you need to know to earn your combination vehicle CDL endorsement.
  • School Bus Endorsement Test - Test your knowledge of the regulations you need to know to earn your CDL S endorsement.

Our free CDL practice tests are designed to supplement your CDL classes and have been updated for 2022. Find a local CDL school now.

Study Materials:

General Knowledge

The questions on this CDL Class-A general knowledge practice exam will test your understanding of commercial truck driving rules and regulations. 

Combination Vehicles

Test your knowledge of combination vehicles before you take your combination vehicles certification test at the DMV. Give yourself a passing chance before you take on the required exam.

Air Brakes

Practice your skills and test your knowledge regarding air brakes before you take the state certification air brake test.

HAZMAT Endorsement

Interested in advancing your career by obtaining a HAZMAT endorsement? Before you take your state's test, make sure you are prepared by answering our practice test questions.

Tanker Endorsement

Looking to earn your tanker endorsement? Don't take the state required exam without preparing with our practice test first. Test your current knowledge and identify areas that need improvement.

Doubles and Triples Endorsement

Preparing for the doubles and triples endorsement? Use our practice test to help set yourself up for success before taking on the state exam at your local DMV.

School Bus Endorsement

Our school bus CDL S endorsement practice test has questions and answers designed to check your understanding of the safe operation of a school bus.

Pre Trip Inspection Engine Compartment

The CDL pre trip inspection checklist includes a section about the engine compartment and this true or false practice test will help you check what you know.