CDL XPress


CDL XPress provides students with the best education to become a professional truck driver. Not only do they offer a Commercial Drivers License A (CDL-A) program, but they also provide hands-on experience and mentoring with multiple years of experience. Instructors will explain in detail what to expect on the road, the latest technology, newest equipment and new and current regulations. Training takes three to four weeks to complete. CDL XPress's goal is to make sure that students become successful truck drivers in a reasonable amount of time.

Class-A CDL Training

CDL XPress Truck Driving School is a career-prep school founded and operated by experienced truck drivers, CVTA-Certified instructors, and a knowledgeable student support staff who understand the challenges, opportunities, and changes on the road ahead. CDL XPress offers outstanding equipment & facilities and extensive career placement network.

Fast-Track your way to a CDL and professional driving career!

  • No short-cut to a professional driving career, but there is an expressway
  • 3 or 4 week fast track CDL training at CDL XPress!

CDL XPress equips drivers to not only be ready for the CDL Exam, but also to excel as a valued fleet professional.

  • Accurate and Compliant Paper & Electronic Log-Keeping
  • GPS, Map Reading, Trip-Planning, Navigation
  • Advanced Driving, Safety, and Accident Avoidance
  • Lot and Dock Maneuvers (Backing, Turning, Shifting, Safety)
  • Safe and Efficient Trailer Hooking
  • Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Inspections
  • Dispatch & Communications Technology and Procedures
  • Accident and Emergency Procedures
  • All Knowledge Needed to Confidently Take the CDL Exam
  • Job Opportunities Upon Graduation


2330 Enterprise Park Drive