Millis Training Institute
Eden, NC


Millis Training Institute is among the best in the industry for providing CDL training. It is our mission to provide students with the tools necessary for a successful career in the trucking industry. MTI’s dynamic training program is designed to ensure our graduates are ready to utilize their truck driving skills to make their career dreams come true. We believe that you should be able to grow your career while providing for yourself and your family

Class-A CDL Training

Class-A CDL Training at Millis Training Institute

Week one

Class room instruction in the areas of

  • Trucking industry overview
  • Hours of service
  • Trip planning and Map reading
  • Control Systems
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Coupling / Uncoupling
  • Range driving

Week two

Classroom and range training

  • 4 days practice on the range and road. 40 hours.
  • 1 day class room.

Week three

  • All week spent driving on the road practicing safe driving habits

Once accepted into our training program you will receive all the tools needed to secure a high paying career as a professional truck driver. The training you receive at MTI is something that you will use and retain for a lifetime.

Week four

  • 3 days for Company Orientation


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