The CMV Tutor LLC / Advanced Driver Training
Eagan, MN


The CMV Tutor strives to deliver the best training possible for your future career in the trucking industry. The instructor works with each student on a one-on-one training basis. Each student is trained on their individual learning needs with a manual transmission. All training is based on the FMCSA/PTDI and CVTA training standards and curriculum. Hands on is how The CMV Tutor trains students. This is a learn as you go, at your pace training that doesn't push a student into testing before they are ready.

Services Offered by the Tutor:
  • Class "A" Manual Transmission ELDT Training Program
  • Class "B" ELDT Training Program
  • Auto "A" Restriction Removal Training
  • One-On-One Pre-trip Training for Individuals and Company Employees
  • ELDT Hazardous Materials Classes
  • Company Driver Assessments
  • Private 10 speed Transmission Training
  • ELDT Hourly Behind The Wheel and Range Training
  • Defensive Driver Classes at your business

Class A CDL Training

Class A CDL Training at The CMV Tutor LLC / Advanced Driver Training

The CMV Tutor embraces a learning environment that will prepare students for the path ahead. The classes and BTW, incorporate traditional learning styles as well as hands-on experiences. The more time behind the wheel the better.

The manual transmission training is in an actual 10 speed tractor with a minimum 48-foot trailer. Students are taught how to operate a "BIG RIG" in actual road scenarios and situations.


2995 Lone Oak Circle # 7