Truck Driver Training on an Evening or Weekend Schedule

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If you’re like many people, you might not be able to attend truck driver training classes on a standard daytime Monday to Friday schedule. Luckily, many CDL training schools offer the option of attending classes in the evenings or weekends.

The length of a truck driver training program is not measured in days, but instead measured by hours of training. When attending classes full time Monday through Friday, training can take between 3-6 weeks to complete. And while that may be the quickest path to a CDL license, it isn't the only one.

Each school will have their own requirements for how many hours of training is needed to complete their program. Our partner CDL schools typically require about 160 hours of training.

Evening Truck Driver Training

Although program options may differ slightly, a sample evening truck driver training schedule generally includes 4-5 hours of training per evening (typically Monday through Friday). If you attend 4 hour training classes, 5 evenings per week, it would take roughly 8 weeks to complete a 160 hour program.

Weekend Truck Driver Training

A sample weekend truck driver training schedule is generally 9-10 hours per day on Saturdays and Sundays. If you attend 10 hour training classes 2 days a week, it will also take roughly 8 weeks to complete a 160 hour program.

CDL Schools with Night or Weekend Classes

Here's a list of some of our partner schools that offer night or weekend truck driver training options.

This is not a complete list of our partner schools that offer flexible schedules, see our complete list of partner truck driving schools or search our locations pages for a CDL training school near you.

No matter which type of program schedule you choose, CDL training is designed to prepare you for an entry level job as a tractor trailer driver.


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