Pinnacle Truck Driver Training


Since our founding in 2013 We've been providing training to prepare drivers for the State of Michigan Commercial Driver License Test. Our training is a combination of classroom instruction, driving simulator instruction, commercial vehicle inspection lab and behind-the-wheel driving.. We offer Class A, Custom Class A, and Virage Simulator.

Class-A CDL Training

At Pinnacle we believe that a lack of financial stability is at the heart of many problems experienced by families and society in general. We also believe that every person deserves the opportunity to become financially stable by obtaining secure employment. A career as an operator of commercial motor vehicles is an excellent way for some to obtain that stability and provide for themselves and family, and we are here to help you reach your goals!

At Pinnacle Truck Driver Training…

  • We are committed to delivering training that enables these people to join the noble profession of commercial motor vehicle operation.
  • We are a team of experienced professionals that bring a diverse set of complimentary talents to this task.
  • For those with the innate capability, supportive family environment, and personal drive to succeed, we will be the premier choice for commercial motor vehicle operator training.

The Pinnacle Approach…

We train truck drivers much like the airlines and the military train pilots:

  • Learn concepts in the classroom
  • Develop skills through practice in the simulator
  • Master skills through range and road driving in a tractor-trailer rig.

Our Virage VS600M Truck Driver Training Simulator is the first of its kind in the US. Not only is the simulation of driving a truck incredibly realistic, it is designed as a training tool, not just a big video game. For each essential skill (shifting, backing, turning, etc.), there is a set of modules specifically structured to teach that skill in a safe environment. Burned-up clutches, wrinkled fenders, and crushed street signs are easy to fix on the simulator.

Beyond the knowledge and skills required to pass the CDL test, we also teach skills that will make you a more valuable, and more employable, professional truck driver. Hours of service, maintaining logbooks, map-reading, trip planning, and customer service are some of the skills carriers expect their drivers to have. You will learn all of these and more in your Pinnacle Truck Driver Training course.


Pinnacle can help student find options for financing the cost of the program. Many trucking companies provide sign-on bonuses or tuition reimbursement that students can use to repay a loan or pay off a credit card balance.


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