TDT Safety Training


TDT Safety Training is happy to bring Commercial Driver Education to outstate Minnesota. The unique training program takes into account a student’s previous driving / heavy equipment experience. TDT Safety Training trains students with the information and techniques that will make them successful in the long term. Using a training model of “Learn One, Do One, Teach One” our staff and students are set up for success from the beginning. TDT Safety Training provides CDL training students wishing to obtain a Class A, Class B or Class C Commercial Driver’s License.

TDT Safety Training's proven approach allows students to minimize time in the classroom and maximize their learning in real life scenarios. TDT Safety Training offers training that is WIOA certified. TDT Safety Training is licensed by the MN Department of Public Safety and is a Registered Training Provider with the FMCSA.

Class A ELDT / CDL Driving

Theory (Classroom - In Person)

Class A CDL / ELDT theory classes are available in person, online, and in a hybrid setting. In-Person classroom time totals around 16 hours, plus study time on your own. Everyone learns at different paces and through different styles. The staff can tailor training to adjust to these different situations.

Theory (Online)

CDL Class A, Class B, and Class C ELDT theory classes are available in an online format. Classroom time is a minimum of 24 hours spent in the online classroom, plus study time on your own. Everyone learns at different paces and through different styles. TDT Safety Training's online education system allows students to test their knowledge in multiple formats and finally take a mock exam modeled after the state or federal driver's test.

Behind the Wheel (Practice)

CDL Class A ELDT behind-the-wheel training is spent in a real working semi-truck. Experienced staff works with you to ensure a smooth pre-trip inspection, mock driving scenarios, real-life driving maneuvers, and your response to unsafe situations to make sure you are comfortable in the driver's seat. Students can provide their own truck that passes a state DOT pre-trip inspection, is licensed in its respective state, and has proper insurance on the vehicle. Behind-the-wheel training includes up to 16 hours of time spent one-on-one with a training instructor. The instructors all provide real-time feedback about your driving skills, offering solutions, ideas, and areas to study and practice.


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